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Why - join the Hawaiian Ring and what is it about.

Who - should join the ring.

Where - to place the ring html.

Why - this ring as well as others?

What's - the catch?

When - will commercial sites be added?

Mahalo for viewing the faq page

This page will answer most questions regarding the ring. If not please email me and I will try to answer them.

Why join a ring?

The Hawaiian Ring was not designed to increase traffic to your site, yes it is a plus that we are listed in many directories and search engines, as well as being one of the hottest 'ethnic' rings from The Webring Org. Being part of the Hawaiian Ring ohana will increase traffic and hits to your pages. BUT this ring was created in the Aloha Spirit! Not a slogan nor overused description of Hawaii. BUT truly in sharing and giving. In the hope that our Hawaiian pages will touch someones life, that our members pages will invoke more than a pretty white sand beach and swaying palms. Maybe a viewer will hit on the Hawaiian Storyteller or the Hawaiian language page and see more to Hawaii than Waikiki and Hawaii 5-0 reruns. There is so much more to Hawaii...

Who should join?

Do you have something to offer? Somewhere out there there is someone who is deathly afraid of the ocean, someone who has made it their lifelong dream to come to Hawaii;but could never afford it, maybe someone who once had a bad experience in Hawaii and will forever hold a grudge. Hawaiian sites do have something special to offer. Share our Pride, our Knowledge, and ALOHA SPIRIT!

Where to place the html fragment for the ring? Good question!

Though still learning we have found the following facts.
a) Search engines read pages differently.
b) Too many graphics are slow to load.
c) Too many 'places to go' lead to confusion and guests are sidetracked.
d) A rings page, serves no purpose! An awards page serves no purpose! They become cluttered, and so full of links, better to just have a links page.
e) Awards and Rings take time to create. Placing an award or ring where it cannot be found is not an asset to your pages nor the creator.
f) Frames are OUT! They are slow and just too busy or not well done! See billion dollar industries like, Kawasaki, Mercury Center, and more NOT using frames! Not all browsers read them and many trap the viewer.
Go ahead and place ring code on a good main portal page, you will get visitors that are interested in your Hawaiian themed pages that will search your site thoroughly.

Why the Hawaiian Ring?

The Hawaiian ring has enough variety though all similar themed to attract a specific audience. Why spend so much time creating pages and working till the menehunes march if no one will see your pages? Good Hawaiian themed pages following a ring will attract a similar visitor, and we target for those. Eliminating so-so pages and "my home page' pages. if the site is not Hawaiian themed it will not be part of the ring, if your site is Brazilian surfing, or Me and My Friends, or I love Jesus, wrong ring.

We are proud to be Hawaiian and show our true aloha spirit. We've tried to break the stereotype of Hawaii and look for pages that can offer more than their links. With a wide variety of Hawaiian themed pages we are very proud of all our ring members.

With all this in mind we recommend joining just a few rings, or utilizing one ring per each new main page entry (also called portals). YES, more than 1 main home page! Create half a dozen or so main pages, making each main portal page as unique with a different theme.For example, your doggie page should have a dog themed ring, your art page an art themed ring, your crafts page a crafts ring. BUT not all your rings on one general rings page.

There are a few commercial pages in the ring now, just a few.... they were just too good to turn away.

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