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Welcome to the Hawaiian Ring. If your site is related to anything Hawaiian or Polynesian you are welcome to join our ohana. At this time we are not accepting commercial sites, however if the information on your page is informative and important to Hawaiiana please submit your site and it will be decided on an individual basis. The Hawaiian ring mistress has made this an almost painless process and is quite simple. Just follow the directions and you will be up and running.

Visit the faq sheet for specific information on the ring and rules.


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After you have joined the ring you can scroll to the bottom of the join page and your raw html will have been generated, copy/paste to your page. Or/and you will be emailed with a confirmation, included in the email will be another copy of the raw html code if you were unable to copy and paste the first time. DO NOT PUT RING ON a links or ring page, it does your page nor your neighbors page any good to be there.
If you forgot to get it off your join form and can't wait for the email, go to edit site, enter your site number and the code will be on the bottom of the page.

You will not be a member till the raw html code is on your page specified in the join form. The ring will check for the code on the page you specified before joining your site to existing ring sites. This clearly means if you register your home page url the code must be on that page. If you have registered your link or ring page url it will not be approved to join.

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Is my page generating interest to the ring?

View our ring stats and compare your site to other sites. Example the Hawaiian Free Images pages are on the top 100 pages from the server Maui Net, generating sometimes over 1400 hits every 4 days, this popular page brings more viewings to the ring. Any site that is placed close to Free Hawaiian Gifs will most likely receive many viewings due to the ring.

What are all those numbers?

Hits are calculated by next or previous. One section shows which sites are getting the most clicks on 'next' and 'previous'.

The other section shows which sites/pages are receving the most viewings from 'next' and 'previous'.

Keep in mind the sites are rearranged automatically every 7 days, the highest traffic maker will jump in front of the lowest. Giving all sites equal exposure. If you want your page to be on the top of the list, you need to bring more visitors to your site. The ring will increase your sites visibility, but you must 'advertise' your site also. The highest ranking sites, actually have the ring on the bottom of every page! Copy and paste the same html for each page and watch your stats soar!

See search engines and submits, there are many places to find all the info you need to get your site 'out there'.

Lastly--- don't take the hits or page rank so seriously... this was meant to be fun!

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